Birthday gifts have never been easier with the combination of the virtual ekame gift card and online shopping. By using this versatile gift card, all of your friends and family can receive the universal birthday gift of shopping on the web. The ekame gift card is a simple gift-by-email purchase that is ideal for anyone on your birthday gifts list -it doesn’t matter whether it’s a him or her, the ekame gift card allows families and friends alike a suitable solution when finding versatile birthday presents.

It’s no secret finding the perfect birthday gift is the biggest challenge. Here are some fail-proof tips when shopping online with your virtual card.

  1. Books! Best seller’s lists exist for a reason. Newspapers and Magazines may not be as popular as they use to, but books are eternal. Take a gander at the Pulitzer Prize-winning list and give the gift of a good read.
  2. Music! Whether it’s for the kids, a girlfriend, or mom and dad, music is the undeniable common denominator in the house. Compile special playlists for that special someone by going on websites such as Amazon or iTunes- fill up your virtual
    ekame card and use it as payment as well!
  3. Flowers. Flowers for females only is a thing of the past. With all the variety these days, even dads and brothers can appreciate a little foliage. Major floral websites such as happily deliver to anywhere in the u.s.
  4. Personalized art. The web is filled with great ideas when it comes to personalizing gifts with a picture or name. Use online photo sites such as Flickr or 2pad and make a personalized picture album of a coffee mugs for a loved one.
  5. Gift cards. Let your loved ones decide what gift best suites them. Use the ekame giftcard and create shopping options on a virtually unlimited choice of online shopping sites

Purchase an unlimited number of virtual cards as unique birthday gifts for all of your loved ones. Whether it’s for the kids, a girlfriend, or mom and dad, Birthday presents finally have the easy solution when you want to say Happy Birthday for anyone on the gift list.

Now, everyone has the access to purchase a range of pre-paid credit Email gifts on their gift cards in a variety of prepaid amounts, up to US$ 250, €180, or £120. ekame gift cards provide the recipient with the choice and flexibility of cash while allowing individuals to personalize and tailor their unique birthday gifts.

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