Employees spend an average of 45 hours a week in the workplace. It’s no wonder companies all over America think long and hard about how to keep their workplace satisfied for optimal performance.

Employers often have too much on their plate and overlook simple solutions in creating a worker-friendly atmosphere. Here are five simple solutions the ekame card happily offers employers to keep a smile on their employees.

Random moments of thank you Whether it’s for a retirement bonus, yearly bonus, employee award, the approaching Christmas Holiday season, or to create incentive in the workplace, virtual corporate employee gift cards are the solution when showing recognition or appreciation for anyone on the gift list.

Keep your drinks and treats stocked for an hourly energy boost Keep the ekame card stocked with credit to purchase online all of the treats and tastes floating around the office.

Employee Birthday Gifts No need to bother with trying to find something personal for your employees. The pre-paid Ekame gift cards are virtual gifts by email for online shopping that can be used on any website on the web in place of a visa card online.

Create incentives in the workplace Reward employees for their hard work by giving them the gift of the web! Virtual ekame cards provide the recipient an incentive with the choice and flexibility of cash while allowing the corporation to personalize and tailor their Gift Ideas for the appropriate occasion

Yearly Bonus Save on written checks and envelopes by giving employees a personalized message and virtual gift card for their yearly bonus. Businesses are now able to purchase a range of pre-paid credit on their gift cards in a variety of prepaid amounts, up to the app. US$ 250, €180 or £120. Gift cards can be used anywhere on the web that a visa is accepted.

The Ekame card offers shopping options on a virtually unlimited choice of online shopping sites; employers can now be rest assured that with this employee present, recipients will choose exactly what they want as a gift. A simple solution that pleases the entire workplace.

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