Any eCommerce website worthy of your business uses a security technology called Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, to encrypt personal and private information sent between your Web browser and the site from where you are making payments online on goods such as computer hardware or the latest warez programs on the market. There are two ways to tell whether the software Web page you’re viewing uses SSL.

The first is to look at the Web site’s address, or URL, in the address bar of your browser. Websites where personal information is transferred such as addresses and credit card information should should begin with https:// (note the letter “s”; non-secure sites begin with http://). Another way to know whether the site you are browsing is secure or non-secured is to look for a closed padlock icon somewhere in your browser window. Depending on the browser you use, the padlock might appear along the bottom of the window or in the address bar itself.

Note that most shopping sites don’t encrypt all of their pages, just those that ask for sensitive information, e.g., the checkout pages where a credit card is required. Hazardous behavior occurs when users often fail to check whether the sites they use are secured or non-secured when purchasing items online.

A lack in attention to detail is dangerous and risky as unsecured websites or expired websites increase the risk of online identity theft. When left unguarded o unprotected on the web, personal information such as address, phone number and credit card information goes straight into the hands of hackers.

As online fraud becomes a growing concern for internet users, the need for a safer method to order online becomes apparent. Virtual visa cards are offered as the quality answer for such fears giving consumers the ability to pay online and without divulging their personal information on websites where they purchase goods.

Staying anonymous with a virtual Visa gift card answers the growing demand for maintaining personal safety while purchasing on the internet.

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