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Facebook accounts are registered automatically.
The accounts were registered in 2007-2014. The exact date of registration can be found in the account settings – Action Log.
The marketplace is activated. Can be used for advertising. In the payment settings the currency corresponds to the country of registration.
There is email@gmail.com in the set.
The name and surname in the account can be anything, i.e. differ from country of registration.
Sex can be both male and female.
The account profiles may be empty or have limited entries such as photos and other information.
Registered with the country which mentioned on title .

Before using the account, upload your photos to the account. This can help in the restoration of the account in case of self-identification.
Any Gmail account can request verification through SMS. This is considered normal. You can verify the account using your number or SMS-activation services.
Due to the long inactivity in Gmail, it can be difficult to log into the email. In this case, you must solve this problem yourself. Usually, several attempts to log in to email from the same device and IP address should help.

Format of accounts.
login from facebook:password from facebook:email address (gmail.com):password from email address:additional email address (gmail.com): password from additional email address (gmail.com):date of birth:country:id

Recommendations after purchasing accounts.
1) After successfully logging in to your account, link your phone number, thus you show that you are a real person!1 account 1 proxy and it is advisable to use mobile 4g proxies, and it will be even better if you log in to your account through a mobile application and not through a computer, thereby you prove that you are a real person and your account trust increases significantly if you log in through a mobile application!

2) Download your real photo on the avatar thus also confirm that you are a real person and in case of blocking of the account at the selfie you unlock an account, because you have already uploaded a photo avatar or Facebook will compare both photos and in 90% of cases will unlock your account .

3) Never clean cookies! Through a computer or through a mobile app. After you successfully login to the account never clean cookies, because the real person having 1 account Facebook will not be clear cookies and to login using the username and password without the need(is at first not very convenient to constantly go into your account by entering username and password it is not logical and Bo Facebook understands this) only if it is necessary to go to another Facebook account, and Facebook bot recognize it so that you have several accounts, and in this case, your account may be suspended in the photo, the query document and so on. to check you as a person. Keep in mind that in the Facebook rules, you are allowed to have only 1 account per person, and the Facebook bot works mainly according to the instructions and blocks the account if it suspects that you have several accounts.An exception is given if 1 Wi-Fi 1 IP address is simultaneously used by up to 5 people in the family who created their accounts at different times in different equipment, meaning through a mobile app, a computer and they all do different things on their Facebook accounts, Facebook understands this and adds accounts to the exception and does not block them.

4) And finally, do not rush and immediately launch ads after buying an account. Let the account get used to your proxy, it doesn’t matter mobile 4G proxies, private proxies, elite proxies – it all doesn’t matter until the Facebook account you bought is warmed up at least 1-2 days and it would be better to have one week. To work with Facebook ads without problems, you need to gain trust in Facebook. To do this, you need to do only 4 things that I wrote above for you. I want your money and time spent not to be wasted.

How to properly warm up your account? It’s very simple!
1. You should log in to your account 2-5 times every day and stay on the site for 10-30 minutes, you can just leave your account open by opening some post, well, like you read this post and you can leave.

2. Subscribe to the pages of stars, groups, or interesting people. Read the posts of these people, put a like on the post, like on the photo, etc. Just 1-2 likes on a post, photo or comment.

3. Add a couple of friends that you know, chat with them so that they also respond to you, so that there is a relationship. I do not advise you to add more than 1-3 friends, and even more so do not add people you do not know, or Facebook may consider it spam and block your account for checking by photo.

4. Upload family photos and mark yourself or a friend on the photo. Or just upload 5-7 of your photos. Just do not immediately upload all 5-7 photos at a time, this is done gradually every day or every other day, one or two photos.

After you have warmed up your account for at least 1-2 days and preferably 1-2 weeks, you can use the account for your own purposes. If you want to use the account in the long term, it is better to promote 1 month to increase the limit for advertising.

Thus, you will show that you are a real person, and Facebook bots will not conduct any sanctions against you. On the contrary, the account increases trust and increases the limit for advertising.

Buy Gmail Russia accounts in this format –
Login: Password: Additional Mail: password from extra mail.
Additional mail validity is not guaranteed, it may request SMS
When entering or blocked. If you need necessarily workers tied
mail, after purchase, simply change the mail to your or choose another
product. Can change mail to your granted anything, as well as on
Your passwords to Google accounts or execute other services to order.

Google accounts are registered on mobile IP Russia. Male and women

Names and surnames, as well as foreign interface, in English.

Accounts were tested to the entrance, as well as from authorized accounts was
Several sites are visited, randomly. History of visits and visiting meter
Google is different that Google believes in the history of visits it is known only to him
One, but visits to sites from 5 to 10 pieces was produced.

Location after registration – from 3 months.

On sale Russian Google accounts activated by phone partially
If necessary and service requests. Accounts Google without phone profile,
Added backup mail. Google profiles Russia sold clean, nowhere
previously used. If any will be revealed, please
Contact the store contacts by saying the problem to solve the issue.
Hmail accounts can be used in all Google services to the limits,
which are provided for by the service itself. For example, Google accounts can
use in Jimail mail (Gmail), in YouTube, in the blog blogs, google
Adords and so on. After registering accounts have a deposit, from three and
For more days, this is done in order to cut off banned accounts,
which may appear in the first three days after registration. Accounts Google
Checked several times on login validity without entering, in order not
Heriate several times your entrances in accounts. Also bring to your
information that on accounts with experience, large, about three, four
weeks after registration and more, it is impossible to change passwords,
extra mail without SMS activation, remember this, this innovation is already
Long time introduced by Google, just some still do not know about
This, we think that even many.

Registration of Google Accounts was on IP RU. On all accounts, entrance
To check, was carried out with IP RUSSIA. At the entrance, alternately in each
Account, come from a new and clean browser, otherwise in other cases there are
the likelihood that you will not be able to enter the account, as it will ask
SMS or other input problems arise. When entering an IP account
other countries have a risk of getting a blocking account or SMS request,
Therefore, complaints and claims for these cases will not be accepted. The main thing in
This case so that ip is not in the spam from Google. When working with accounts
It is extremely recommended to use cheap, free services
Providing proxy, as well as VPN, a variety of browser extensions
and to them similar tools, as it will give a huge probability
freezing or account blocking, both in authorization and in
Further work with it. When first authorization, Google can request
For more information, the data that is in account format.

For all the remaining questions, please contact the contacts
Our store exfan.org.