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Buy Facebook Accounts (Women’s Profiles | RU Names | Mobile IP UA |E-mail | Cookies | Registration through the android application)


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Buy Facebook Accounts (Women’s Profiles | RU Names | Mobile IP UA |
E-mail | Cookies | Registration through the android application)

Facebook accounts are registered through Android, the official app
Facebook. Mobile IP of Ukraine was used for registration. By mail
confirmed. Female profiles, Russian names, profile is not filled,
Friends 0-10. Also after registration there was a slight feeding (farm)
Profile and in a web browser through saved cookies. Can be included in accounts and
with IP Russia, but only through the preserved cookies that are attached to

Account format: mail (it and login account Facebook): Password from Mail: Password from
Facebook Account: First Name and Last Name: Date of registration: FB Cookie JSON: Profile
Screensize: Facebook Account ID: date of birth.

Attention! From the data that is in the account format, correctly enter
Saved cookies in the browser, they are in the FB Cookie JSON format.

Instructions, how to enter through cookies: https://exfan.org/page/ispolzovanie-kuki-dlya-intsagram-dly-feysbuk

Enter accounts only through saved cookies and according to the instructions,
Written above! In other cases, when entering simply login and password data, Facebook can
End the wrong password, it arises due to the change of device, IP,
Unknown entry. Claims about can’t enter, not a sure password, not
Code comes to mail to reset the password, will not be accepted.

If when entering the account there is a SMS request or blocking immediately or through
a few seconds, then define the problem on your side,
The problem is most likely in your proxy, browser, actions! No need to
Only authorized accounts, perform immediately planned
Actions most likely get the account blocking.

Attention! If you have at the entrance to the account requests confirmation of the personality,
Confirmation by phone – confirm the ways convenient for you,
The replacement for such cases is not produced!

Included in accounts only with private / resident / mobile IP.
Authorization in accounts from low-quality IPs carry out at your own fear and
Risk may request SMS or call account blocking, claims
We will not be accepted. Do not use when working with accounts free and
Cheap proxy services, VPN, various extensions for browsers and to them
approximate tools that will give a greater probability of blocking
Account, both at the entrance and in the process of working with it or the occurrence
Restrictions when used!

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