VCC – “Virtual Virtual Card”
A credit card is a plastic card issued to allow you to purchase items and services on credit. When you use your credit card, the bank that provides the card will pay the vendor for the goods or services you purchase with that card. The bank then charges interest on any purchases, late payments, etc., if necessary. A debit card works similarly but instead of drawing down your money when you spend, it actually just withdraws funds from your checking account or another bank account at any time.

What is a vcc card?

A VCC card, also known as a “Visa Virtual Card,” is a type of credit card that can be used to make purchases at a store or restaurant. It functions similar to a debit card in that the funds are withdrawn from the account of the person holding the card during each transaction, but it has more limitations on its use. A VCC is considered a convenient payment method and does not have the same protections as regular credit cards.

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