Virtual prepaid cards have gained great popularity. They have no physical guise. You only need data to make online purchases. With the help of virtual prepaid cards people can buy goods and services on the sites.
The anonymity of purchases makes them safe. Such cards are convenient to buy. There is no need to visit a credit institution. You don’t have to wait long for the card. Props are issued at the time of completion of the purchase. The information is sent to an email with instructions on activation. Purchases can be made after activation within the face value.
The virtual card can be bought for different payments. You have the option to make one purchase and not store the details any more.

The best virtual prepaid visa cards can be purchased in the following credit institutions, electronic systems and wallets:

  • Yoo money.
  • Vultr.
  • Qiwi.
  • Barter.

The large number of sellers of virtual payment cards gives opportunities for wide choice.
Prepaid visa cards can be used all over the world, except the countries where they are prohibited by law. Monthly fees are $5-$8, international transaction fees are $2-$4. The use of visa cards largely depends on the issuer.

Prepaid visa cards of the following issuers are valid internationally:

  • AAA MemberPay Visa
  • ACE Elite Visa
  • BB’T MoneyAccount
  • BBVA Компас Clearspend Visa
  • MySpending
  • Kroger REWARDS
  • Money Network
  • MOVO
  • MyVanilla
  • PNC SmartAccess

Virtual sellers will check your personal information for some time after signing up. This is done to avoid fraudulent activities happening on the Internet. After going through the verification process, you can use a virtual visa card. To load your money, you have available locally authorized ways to move funds. As soon as the money goes to a virtual prepaid visa card, you can go to the desired site and make the necessary purchases on the Internet.

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