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Facebook Ads Accounts without VAT


  • A reliable way to avoid blocking
    Without consequences for the website, advertising accounts and personal Facebook profile
  • Instagram without VAT
    You will not pay VAT on Instagram ads either
  • Replenishment from any cards
    Directly and via PayPal
  • Easy transition
    It is enough to link the account without VAT to the Business Manager and transfer the advertisement
  • No hassle to use
    No need to change ip, domain and even social profile, even if you have already advertised on Facebook

For new and old advertisers with ads without breaking the Facebook Ads policy

Doesn’t fit:
For traffic arbitrage (advertising products / services through affiliate programs)
To bypass blocking or any violation of Facebook Ads rules

For these purposes, use Facebook Ads Trust Accounts


Both new advertisers and those who have been advertising on Facebook and Instagram for a long time can switch to a Facebook account without VAT.

You don’t need to change your domain or even your personal Facebook profile to go. An advertising account without VAT will be transferred to your Business Manager for management. All you have to do is stop campaigns and move ads and audiences.

So that you can transfer your advertising campaigns to a new account as quickly and simply as possible, we will send you instructions “How to switch to an account without VAT in a couple of minutes”. In case of any problems, we are always ready to help with the transition to a new account.

Replenishment from any cards, including cards of Russian banks, virtual and corporate cards. The only exception is prepaid cards (with a fixed balance without the possibility of replenishment).

You can top up both through PayPal and directly from the card.
All payments are made without a deposit fee.

To log into a new account, you do not need to change the ip address, hardware and Facebook profile. You will get access to your account from your personal profile and will be able to use your account without VAT as a regular account.

Just like on a regular account, you can advertise domains of any country with any targeting and not be afraid of being blacklisted by Facebook or getting banned.

Together with your account, you will receive detailed recommendations on how to avoid any problems associated with using your account. If you have any questions while using your account, we will be happy to help you and answer all your questions.

You get:
Full access to the Facebook Ads Manager account, including administrative access to the advertising account and payments, as well as login, password, security question from the linked mail

Instructions “How to switch to an account without VAT in a couple of minutes”

Recommendations thanks to which you will avoid all possible problems with your account

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