1. The store does not save copies of sold accounts, files cannot be restored.
  2. Be ready to provide screenshots and information at the request of those / support of the store.
  3. Use the product immediately, do not delay.
  4. When buying a product, you must know what to do with it.
  5. We do not conduct tests, training on use, subtleties and are not responsible
    for your tests, bays, drains and other operations with purchased accounts.
  6. Login to purchased accounts should be only from the Mozilla browser, so as not to get an account blocking due to the difference in login devices. If you receive an account lock while logging in from a third-party browser, the replacement will be denied.
  7. By purchasing Google Voice and Google Voice packages, you agree to change your login passwords within 7 days from the date of purchase.
  8. When buying a Bank for verification, you undertake to attach them to your accounts within 7 days from the date of purchase and send a request for mini deposits.
  9. The guarantee for the operation of private proxies is 30 days from the date of activation, replacement only if the proxy is disabled. Calls after issuing a proxy – “I changed my mind”, “I need another country” or “I didn’t fit” will be ignored, cancellation of the subscription after activation is impossible.
  10. Buying in our store, you automatically agree to the Store Rules.

Virtual Cards

The customer is responsible for seamlessly maintaining the network connections allowing them to access and use the Ekame website and its services.

Ekame provide virtual prepaid Visa and Mastercard bank cards ready for payment online immediately after successful registration.

All the cards that Ekame offers as ordinary prepaid cards.

Ekame cards are available for purchase and ready for on-line use worldwide irrespective of the country the customer is currently staying in.

An automated issuing service is available 24/7 and provides virtual prepaid cards immediately after payment is accepted.

The customer receives the card as soon as the payment transaction is finished and accepted by Ekame. In case when the customer choose to pay with a cryptocurrency, the card is made available to them immediately after the payment transaction is confirmed.

In the event that the customer who has successfully paid the purchase fails to receive the card or cards owing to a network connection failure or disruption, or owing to a delay in collecting the cards, or owing to any other valid reason, on the next business day, Ekame will send the card or cards they ordered and successfully paid on the email address that the customer reports at the moment of purchasing. In the event that the customer does not report their email address, they may contact the Support Team and provide their Payment ID and other compelling proofs of the successful payment transaction to collect the cards.

All virtual prepaid card purchased by the customer must be registered on the Ekame website before use. The customer does so by using the Card Balance and Registration section of the site menu. Neither ID nor any other documents are required for registration.

All virtual prepaid cards support Address Verification Service (AVS) and can be registered in any name (including assumed ones) and any billing address existing in reality.

The customer acknowledges that Ekame virtual prepaid cards are for online use only and cannot be used to withdraw funds.

The customer is fully aware that Ekame cards cannot be used any merchant which does not apply a security code (CVV, CVC etc.) for authorization.

The customer is also aware that if a transaction has been declined by a merchant, the card cannot be used at this merchant for the next full 24 hours.

The customer understands that multiple dubious or suspicious transactions (authorization reversals, declined transactions, chargebacks etc.) may result in their cards being blocked. E.g., the bank will block your card(s) after 3 attempts to make a transaction which already failed on the first attempt.

The customer also acknowledges that any attempt to use Ekame virtual prepaid cards for any fraudulent or illegal purposes may result in their card or all of their cards being blocked.

The customer also acknowledges that no negative balance (overdraft) is possible on Ekame prepaid cards and any attempt to create a negative balance will be regarded as fraudulent and will result in their card or all of their cards being blocked.

If the card has expired, it cannot be returned or replaced. (Buyer is responsible for using in time)

Deposit fee can’t be refunded.

The customer acknowledges that the balance remaining on a card blocked by the bank due to the customer’s fault is non-refundable.