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Faq paypal

How to set up the system for successful work with Paypal.

Having bought self-registers, the question arises: “What to do next?”

First of all, we will save the information purchased in our store in a safe place. We check the availability of the purchased Paypal self-registration, e-mail address and google voice.

All work can be divided into 3 stages.

Stage 1. Preparing the system for working with Paypal. We install the mail client, you can either on your PC or on a virtual machine (Dedicated server), download the Mozilla browser, clean the system from garbage with the CCleaner program, install programs for working with SSH tunnels (take it as a rule that for successful work you need to work with 1 self-registration and 1 IP address allocated only for it, under the state).

In the CCleaner program, we put a checkmark, as I have on the screen, to clear unnecessary information before work. We buy a tunnel (Dedicated / VPN / Sox) for the state, check it in the blacklist on whoer.net (or ip-score.com) and proceed to the second stage.

Stage 2. Establish a connection to the tunnel, go to whoer.net and see that our IP address changes to the one that was purchased. We import the cookie file into the browser and go to the Paypal website. We enter the password for the account and go to the account page, where we confirm the e-mail. The process of receiving a deposit is described in the “General Questions” section After work, we save the new cookies to a file and exit by closing the browser without pressing the exit button in the stick.

Stage 3. Funds have been credited to your Paypal account. You can spend money right away, having previously pumped your account by paying for some services, pictures on ebay, phone cases, jewelry (5-7 transit will be enough), after which you can try to spend the remaining amount on something more serious. If the system does not allow making small payments or some kind of purchase after them, then postpone the account for a day, he needs to lie down, he will definitely pay, but only after sleeping.


There are not so many directions for draining a deposit from self-register, there are only 3 of them, – buying gift; payment for services and goods; sending funds to cash out; withdrawing funds to the linked card (or bank). Try it, fill your hand, experience comes in work.

General issues
  1. What browser should I use to work with purchased Paypal self-registrations?

When working with Paypal self-registrations, we recommend the Mozilla browser.

  1. Through what to enter the purchased Paypal self-registers?

As it is more convenient for you: through dediks, tunnels and socks (USA). We recommend using tunnels

  1. When entering the Paypal self-registration, a secret took off, what should I do?

Try to postpone the account for 3-5 days and log in to it again from the IP address of the same state from which the secret popped up.

Paypal Accounts

Bank – Bank account verified with Paypal;
VCC – Visa Virtual card is attached;
full infos  – Full info of the account owner;

complect > fullz > cookies > google voice

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    complect > fullz > cookies > google voice
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